perfect combination

sometimes there's other things you wouldn't think would be a good combination, and that turn out to be like a perfect combination. you know, like two people. together. who nobody ever thought would be together. ever.



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Vote Sterek! 

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We can do this pack!!

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I want Derek to get drunk on the Lunar Eclipse and talk to Stiles in his drunken state like “you’re always there, you asshole, with your face and your lips and your moles and that hair I wanna tug.” and Stiles and Derek are like two seconds from kissing and Derek just hiccups and passes out on Stiles’ lap.

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"She called it something different. She called it a Nemeton."


"Throughout Europe and Asia Minor, the Druids worshiped in the open air under the trees. They avoided worshiping in buildings or temples. In fact, prior to the Roman Conquest, the Celts had never erected temples of worship. Instead, they felt that divine rapport was only accessible in the deep forests or in remote areas away from other people and the city-states of civilization. Features of geography and the very land itself held spiritual significance, and it was at these sacred and organic sites, often referred to as nematons, the Druids communed with nature. The Druids held religious rites and ceremonies in these nematons.”



"The classic composition of the nemeton is the residence of the sky God who controlled thunder and lightning, and who is also the deity of Druids and dryads (tree spirits). A Greek word, nematon describes a circular clearing in the midst of the woods that is a sort of mystical, terrestrial paradise or sylvan sanctuary. Thought of as a central opening of the world where divine and earthly worlds meet, usually the nematon is situated in a sacred forest grove consisting of oaks, sometimes mixed with other trees such as ash, rowan, birch, and so forth. Often a spring is next to the nematon, representing a link to the subterranean or Underworld. Druidic ceremonies took place in these clearings, physically and spiritually protected and sheltered by the trees. The natural grove of oaks drew the spirits of the Sky-World and the Otherworld, or Underworld, to the mortal or Middle world."



Bonus: ”More information is available on the Druidic connection with the oak than with other trees. For example, Pliny mentions that the Druids held nothing more sacred than the mistletoe and the tree that bears it, always supposing that tree to be the oak. He goes on to say that mistletoe, though commonly found on apple trees, only achieved sacred recognition when it graced the oak.”

"Red holly berries represented the drops of the life-giving lunar blood of the Goddess and were thus a fertility symbol, while the white mistletoe berries were drops of the oak God’s semen and thus a phallic or sun symbol. The oak—in particular, mistletoe—acquired sexual significance, which still exists to this day as lovers kiss beneath it.”

(all passages taken from “Celtic Traditions: Druids, Faeries, and Wiccan Rituals”)

here’s to derek putting his mistletoe berries all over stiles’ face/butt

derek chasing after stiles

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We could’ve had it all: on Cora Hale




I want to love Cora.

I want to love her brusque, defiant attitude. I want to love the way she doesn’t take shit from anyone— not from Derek (S03E04 Unleashed), not from Peter (S03E05 Frayed), and not from Lydia (S03E07 Currents). I want to love the way she smiles softly at Stiles sometimes when he isn’t watching. I want to love the fact that she tried to avenge Boyd.

But instead, I keep wondering.

When did the alpha pack capture Cora? More importantly, why? What was her life like before that? How did she not know Derek was alive? How come these questions have only been addressed twice in the show, and extremely fleetingly at that? Most of all: how come they were addressed by Isaac (S03E03 Fireflies) and Peter (S03E05), but never by Derek “I don’t trust anyone” Hale?

I see two possibilities here:

  1. Cora has been working with the alpha pack all along. She is the ultimate plot twist of season 3A.
  2. Cora’s introduction into and treatment within the narrative is downright sloppy and botched. (By extension: Jeff Davis is not a gift; none of us can have nice things; this does hurt.)

Evidence for the first option is scarce but present. As mentioned above, Cora is still a complete enigma nine episodes into the season. Suspicious to say the least. There’s also the moment when she seems to be mourning Ennis instead of Derek in S03E05. Continuity error or veiled hint?

I would love for Cora to be this season’s mind-blowing reveal, mostly because I don’t like the (admittedly more probable) alternative— which is that the potential of this intriguing character and lovely actress was nipped in the bud by rushed, careless writing.


Below the cut I talk about

  • Cora’s negligible impact on the plot up until now,
  • the nonexistence of a meaningful relationship between Cora and Derek,
  • and consequences of the enduring mystery surrounding her character.

This is not a character assassination (it’s yet another one of those critical posts about Teen Wolf by someone who fiercely loves the show regardless of its flaws) by any means, but I would advise those who are content with Cora’s portrayal to proceed with caution or not at all.

Read More

I’m filling in, um, while we all hope and pray for a more qualified substitute to take my place.

Jennifer Blake, 3x07 “Currents”



I can’t help but mention that the Cora/Derek situation continues to be dire. I think the bedside scene was meant to strengthen their onscreen relationship, but IMO Cora’s entire character arc and relationship with Derek continues to be utterly baffling. WHY DIDN’T HE REACT WHEN SHE CAME BACK FROM THE DEAD? Why do they never interact in a way that makes sense? And I don’t mean like, “These people are emotionally damaged and find it impossible to express their feelings.” I mean in the sense that there’s been no evidence up until now that they are anything other than casual acquaintances who are forced to share the same apartment. — Teen Wolf, The Girl Who Knew Too Much.

Okay, first off, this is a great review. Go read. 

But I have to talk about Derek and Cora this season. Because, out of all the many, many things that are pissing me off about this season (and there are SO DAMN MANY), this is one of the biggest ones. 

Derek got his baby sister back. After thinking she was dead for six years, he got her back. 

(And I’m assuming Cora got her big brother back after thinking her was dead for roughly the same amount of time) 

And the show did what with that? Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero. NOTHING.

Because, seriously, this should have been one of the most emotional arcs of the season. Derek’s joy (and confusion because where the fuck has she been) at having her back should have had us in tears. Their reunion should have had us in floods of tears (this is the one scene I most hate Teen Wolf for not showing me). We should have all used an entire box of tissues watching that shit. Then we should have been able to watch them renavigate being siblings again. We should have seen them learning things about each other, getting used to existing in each others space as brother and sister (not the ambivalant roommates they seem to be) again, watched them just have little moments that proved that they were sibliings and cared about each other and spent time in each others company. Why have we had no scenes of just those two together? 

Because, seriously, I don’t get it. Unless they seriously don’t give a shit about each other (and scenes like this and Cora’s reaction to thinking Derek was dead seem to suggest they actually care) I don’t understand why we haven’t been having all the Hale family scenes that could possibly have been written. Why have they hardly been around each other? Who wouldn’t want to keep your newly back from the dead sister/brother in your sights at all times - allowing for toilet breaks and sleeping only? 

I wanted to be emotionally torn to shreds about Derek and Cora finding each other and all the emotions that should have come from that, but i got nothing. 

There was one scene where Cora was a pissed off teenager and Derek was grumpy and that was it. Derek even said that Cora was still healing - why didn’t we see him looking after her, nursing her back to health? Anything? 

You can’t show us something like this scene in a vaccum. Why should we care that Derek is scared about losing his sister when we’ve hardly seen him with Cora? And even when we have seen them together, they’ve been in the same room as each other, but hardly interacting. 

Who in their right mind ignores such a wealth of emotional turmoil? 

After seeing what Tyler Hoechlin can do with the small amount of emotional stuff he’s given (see EVERYTHING about his reaction to killing Boyd, his face when we carried out Erica and his utter confusion to seeing Cora) I would love to see what he could do with something really meaty and prolonged and heartfelt. 

I still feel as though we are missing entire episodes where all the emotional angst of this season is being dealt with. And that is the season I want to see. 

You can keep all your crappily choreographed slow-mo fights. I want all the emotion that we aren’t seeing and I want it now. 

This. This is one if not the most upsetting thing about the entire season for me. I am so pissed off with how the Cora-Derek storyline has just failed to materialise. Barely exists as a hypothetical. On a showcased emotional level, they’re like fucking commuters who take the same train to work every day. This is why you’re shit, Jeff Davis. This is why you’re shit.

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new promo for 3x10 airing on mtv tonight

jennifer: they told you who i was?
derek: *starts choking jennifer*
stiles: stop! derek!

that all takes place in the loft so i’m pretty sure stiles (and scott) walk in on the kiss

there’s gonna be at least four scenes with stiles and derek in them together